Victoria Falls

Christmas 2010 was spent in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. We flew out of Johannesburg to Zambia International Airport. Which was a singular runway in the middle of a field. Interesting. We got off the plan and walked down the runway to the "terminal" so that we could get our visas and go through customs.
We then got on a bus to go to Zimbabwe. Our hotel was on the Zimbabwe side of Vic Falls.
Victoria Falls is AMAZING!!!!!!! pictures to come soon. We walked what we could of the falls. We saw them from a helicopter. It was amazing that at least two rainbows could be seen in the falls. We watched people rafting. We saw people leaving Devils Pool. We did not do Devils Pool. That was simply crazy. Devils Pool is basically an eddy of water on THE EDGE OF THE WATERFALL DROPOFF. About two months ago a guide fell over the waterfall and died trying to help someone in the pool.
We ate dinner at "Mama Africa's Eating House". The wall was crumbled in because an elephant knocked it over trying to get to the mango tree.
Brian and I took an elephant safari. We did not see too many animals simply because it was so hot.
I ate ostrich, and two others I was with ate water buffalo and warthog. Two of the families we went with went on a game drive and saw a lioness and lion hunt and kill a water buffalo. It was really something else to see on video. I think it is on youtube.
We also went on a sunset cruise on the Zambezi river and saw lots of hippo and a crocodile.
It was an amazing trip. We also got our first experience in an African market with people trying to sell stuff. They wanted my shoes for trade and Brian's visor. But it would not have been a fair trade.
The part of the country we saw was beautiful and the people very friendly. We had a great time and came home in time for Santa to visit.
He brought Mikaela an art easel and a training bike. She has used the art easel alot but is a bit short for the training bike. But will grow into it quickly I am sure.
Well, I will try to get pictures up soon.
We have a 4x4 camping trip in the works for March and possibly Durban in Feb.....
Keep in mind that it is mid80's to 90's now, not the snow and cold weather back home stateside.
As any good South African will say in closing,;
Pleasure, chow.


Tracey said...

The pictures are awesome! Victoria Falls is just breathtaking! I hope that you guys enjoyed your Christmas! Love and miss you!

Pam said...

Oh my goodness. What awesome and amazing things you are seeing. What beautiful things God creates. I so want to go there. Miss you guys. Thanks for updating.