Mikaela's Here!!!

After a very long delivery, Mikaela graced us with her winning smile. We are all home now and trying to catch up on sleep. Mikaela is a good girl, seems to be very content - until I fall behind on a feeding. Then she gets a bit frustrated - and loud.


41 weeks

Brian and I went to see the midwife today for another appointment. There is still no more progression. We are scheduled to induce on July 22nd. Other than that everyone is doing well and we are anxiously awaiting her arrival.


Mikaela's Nursery

Mikaela's nursery is done for the most part. We wanted to share what it looked like. Brian has done a wonderful job with the walls and Pam did a wonderful job with the fabric. The furniture is a gift from Brian's parents and it is great. The rocker was Brian's grandmother's, Ruth, so that is extra special and the figurines on the changing hutch were Granny Wilson's. A little bit of Mikaela's ancestry in the nursery is something that I really like. The dolls in the window seat were a gift to me from Mama, from a long time ago. She was thrilled when she had found them so I wanted to include them. The name plate above the closet door was made by Mikaela's aunt and uncle along with the help of her cousins, which is an extra special gift. The book on top of the hutch is a Mother Goose book that Tammy, Paige and Todd gave to me many many years ago for Christmas.
Thanks to everyone that has given such love to Mikaela already.


40 weeks and 1 day

I had my appointment this morning. Everything looks good for Mikaela and me as far as health. Mikaela is just being a bit stubborn about progressing. Wonder where she gets this stubborn side? I am about 2 cm dilated now and still 70% effaced. Mikaela is a little lower in my pelvis but the midwife did not give a station. The midwife stripped my membranes - again. Maybe the third time is a charm.
I go see the midwife again on Monday to see how things are going. She has scheduled an induction on Tuesday but we hope Mikaela will come on her own before then. The midwife felt Mikaela to give me an ESTIMATE on size: about 7 pounds (give or take a pound) and very long. Can't imagine her being anything but long. There is a full moon on Friday and lots of people say that babies are born during full moons. Who knows. I guess it is up to Mikaela.


More maternity pictures

Brian went with me to the last session of maternity pictures. He is amazing.

Wende Trew took these pictures. She is with A Timeless Image Photography.


39 weeks and counting

I had an appointment with my midwife this morning. Mikaela has not moved much since the last appointment. She is still at a +2 station, I am 1 cm dilated and now 70% effaced. My blood pressure is 108/70 something and I have gained about 2.5 pounds. I won't tell my overall weight gain - or my weight period.
She did strip my membranes again. Our plan at this point is to meet again on Tuesday and look at scheduling when to have Mikaela. I would rather be induced than a C-section if I get a choice. Well, I know several people wanted up dates so I hope this answered some questions. I will keep everyone posted when I can.