19 Weeks

Hard to believe she is already 19 weeks old. I caught her after she feel asleep in her bouncy seat. She was holding on the duck's foot. It was really cute.


Thanksgiving and Daddy's birthday

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Dad's. We also celebrated Brian's birthday that day too since he turned 30 something on Friday. Mikaela got to see lots of her family and friends and we all had a really good time. This picture is Mikaela and G.G.. Tracey Blanchard made Mikaela's hat.

4 month check up

Everything went well for Mikaela's 4 month check up. She got 3 shots, which she did not like. I am glad that she will not remember them. Her measurements are: weight 13 pounds 13 ounces, height 25 1/4 inches, head circumference 40.5 cm. Her percentages with the growth chart are as they were last check up. Long and lean. She has her first cold right now. Runny nose and cough. She likes the suction bulb as much as I did. I remember wanting to run and hide when mom would come at me with that thing. But it helps clear her little nose.

18 weeks

We tried rice cereal for the first time. We will try again next week.