late update

Mikaela turned one year old on July 23rd and had her check up on the 24th. Everything looks good. She is growing growing. She is 19 pounds 6ounces. She is 29 1/2 inches long/tall. Her birthday party went well. Uncle Barrett had to make sure she had a big ol' helping of chocolate ice cream. Pictures and video will come once I figure out how to load them up from my phone.

We have also spent our first night in the emergency room. This past weekend she had a fever of 103.5 and I could not get it down with Tylenol. We basically went to the ED to be told to go see her doctor on Monday, today. They did do a strep test, UA, and checked her ears. We may be looking at an ENT referral today at the pediatrician's office. I will try to update later..... and get cute pictures up for everyone...

Her first word is"Uh Oh."




Mikaela taking a bath. She really enjoys the water. She makes big splashes and puts her toys "in" the cup and takes the back "out". She is growing up so quickly, and I have not done a good job at posting the new stuff. I will take pictures at the beach when we go for the 4th and try to get them up soon afterward.

She signs "more" some and makes the funniest faces and sounds. She is running everywhere and never seems to run out of energy. She is starting to roll and throw a ball, so we are on our way.....

She is coming into her own personality - and I would like to add an apology to Daddy - if I whined like that when I was young and did not get my way, I am sorry. I don't like it when she whines. But she doesn't do it often.


nap time

She is just too cute when she is asleep with her little bottom in the air....

Child dedication

We dedicated Mikaela to the church on Mother's Day.

play time with daddy


Mikaela's first steps

Mikaela started to really work on walking by herself this past week. She has also been waving "hello" and "good-bye" and clapping. Most of these things happen spontaneously.

Mikaela's 9 month check up

Mikaela's development is right on course and her growth has slowed down a bit. Which they said was expected. She is 17 pounds and 8 ounces, 28 inches long, and head circumference is 43 cm. She is very interested in what is going on and wants to be in the middle of the action. (Wonder where she got that trait from?) She is getting to the point where a bottle isn't very interesting but does well from a sippy cup. She doesn't hold it all by herself yet, but it won't be long. She is sleeping through the night. She is pleasant in the morning when she wakes up (which she must get from her daddy). She is growing up so quickly.

Outer Banks

Dennis, Debbie, Brian, Mikaela and myself took a trip to the outer banks a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice relaxing time. Mikaela did not see the beach but she did get in the pool and explored around the lighthouse. She also got a tooth on the top, so she now has 3 teeth. PawPas found the 3rd tooth the hard way. Mikaela bit him.


Easter Egg Hunt at Amanda Point

The Wilson's and some other friends got together on Saturday for an Easter Egg Hunt. We had lots of fun and found lots of eggs. Magoo grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone. Even though it was a wee bit chilly with the breeze, everyone had a great time.

Easter 2009

Brian, Mikaela and I had Easter lunch at the Bakers. Mikaela wore the dress that her GG bought her and she was absolutely adorable.



Outdoors in the Springtime

Mikaela feeding herself bananas

This was the first time Mikaela had a self fed meal. It was a bowl of bananas. You can see in the video that she is "all into" her food. By the way, the bowl ended up in the floor, along with half a banana.




Mikaela in the office helping her daddy. She is pulling up on everything and really coming into her own personality.


active little girl

Wilson family visit

volleyball practice

We have already gotten out the volleyball for her to get used to it..... ; )

Valentine's Day 2009

March 2009

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated the blog. Mikaela is mobile now and my life is not my own. Even now as I type, I am scared to move the chair in fear of running over busy little fingers. Mikaela is crawling around everywhere, opening cabinets, pulling up on furniture. She is very curious. She slept through 2 nights this past week, so mommy and daddy are very thankful.
I have several pictures and even a few videos that I am going to try to upload. I don't know in what order any of this is.

by the way, i don't think I have given 6month check up measurements: length 27 inches. weight 15pounds 14 ounces, head circumference 42.5 cm. she is healthy, minor an ear infection she dealt with beautifully. Her two front teeth are coming in so EVERYTHING that her hands touch, goes to her mouth - keeping Brian and me on our toes.

I will have to post pictures and videos later, she is calling (crying).....


27 weeks

well, we had Mikaela's 6th month check up and everything is going well growth wise. She is 15pounds 13 ounces, 27 inches long and her head is 42 cm. She is crawling and pulling up on things to get on her knees. She sometimes gets to her feet with a little assistance. The nurse said her two front teeth were coming in but I can't see anything. I don't know what I am looking for.
She has an ear infection right now. It has not really slowed her down, it just makes her want to cuddle more - and I'm okay with that side effect.


Snows Days.......

Well, we got about 4" of snow here in Wendell so we wandered out back to show Mikaela the snow and snapped a shot of the family. Mikaela is now 25 weeks, man time is flying by!


Paw - Paw & Mikaela

Here is Paw-paw enjoying Christmas with his
granddaughter. "Here's looking at you, kid"

24 Weeks


Happy early Valentine's Day

I know that I am really early with a Valentine, but she was simply too cute. I already have a 23 week old picture, but one more won't hurt. I hope Barrett or someone sends me pictures from Christmas, that will count as her 22 week pictures. We forgot our camera....bad parents.


23 weeks

New Year's Day

Wright Family Christmas 2008

21 Weeks

Mikaela with Great Margaret at the Wright family Christmas.

20 weeks