Nathan's Birthday Party

Mikaela and I went to Nathan's birthday party at Putt Putt. Mikaela slept through the party after spending an afternoon with Aunt Cathy playing. However, all the other children had a blast at the party.

Mikaela and her friends

Pam's children, Hannah and Hunter are very excited to know Mikaela. Mikaela and I visited them last week and both Hannah and Hunter held her. This past Monday, Pam and I took all the children for Mikaela's first shopping experience. It was to Dick's Sporting Goods and Triangle Town Center in Raleigh. We also watched as Hannah and Hunter played at the play center at the mall.

Sitting up

Mikaela is doing well at 4 weeks with tummy time, holding up her head and sitting up with a little support.

tummy time

Cute feet and toes

Mikaela's belly button


Small milestone

Actually, I am not sure if this counts as a milestone or not. Mikaela's umbilical cord fell off today. Her little belly button is so cute. I will probably take a picture of it later when she gets another bath and/or diaper change and post it. She is asleep right now, and everyone knows there is no need in waking a sleeping baby!



Mikaela is 2 weeks old

Mikaela's 2 week appointment

Mikaela had her 2 week appointment with the doctor yesterday and she got an excellent report. She is 21 1/4 inches long which is in the 75%-90% of her age group. She weighs 8 pounds and 4 ounces and her head circumference is 35.5 cm which both of these measurements are in the 25%-50% of her age group. I guess she may be tall and slender like her daddy. Could we have a volleyball player in the making?
Dr. Kubicki was very pleased with her progress and said that everything was as it should be. Mikaela did very well. She was not very fussy considering we went right at her lunch time. She has quite an appetite!!! She goes back to the doctor at 6 weeks for shots and another check up.


Mikaela's newborn portraits

We went to A Timeless Image to have Wende take Mikaela's newborn portraits. It was a long process but we got some great pictures, 225 to be exact. I learned that it is very important to have a diaper ready at all times when taking pictures of my cutie. She peed on me twice. I can not upload the pictures onto this blog so I am going to give you the link and how to find the pictures. The website is: www.atimelessimage.com
click on: clients
password: mikaela

Enjoy the pictures. Some will make you laugh, and some are so adorable they bring tears to your eyes. If you want to purchase any, let me know the jpg file name and I will let Wende know. I don't know exactly the cost.

Mikaela's first week