31 week update

I went to the doctor today and everything is right on target. Mikaela is measuring where she is supposed to be measuring. Her heart rate is 147. My blood pressure is great and I have been back on track with the appropriate weight gain. (Even with the hot fudge sundae Brian bought me last night for Mother's Day.)
It is great having Brian home - finally. He has been working on the nursery. I hope to have pictures soon of his progress.
I believe that there will also be more pictures of the baby shower that our church family gave me. When I get them I will post them. Of course, I forgot my camera so I didn't have one at the shower. Dad surprised me when he came. He and Debbie were coming back from the beach. Pam Smith made all of the crib bedding in the pictures. She is amazing. Thanks to everyone at church for celebrating with me.

Baby Shower from Wendell Baptist family