Snows Days.......

Well, we got about 4" of snow here in Wendell so we wandered out back to show Mikaela the snow and snapped a shot of the family. Mikaela is now 25 weeks, man time is flying by!


Paw - Paw & Mikaela

Here is Paw-paw enjoying Christmas with his
granddaughter. "Here's looking at you, kid"

24 Weeks


Happy early Valentine's Day

I know that I am really early with a Valentine, but she was simply too cute. I already have a 23 week old picture, but one more won't hurt. I hope Barrett or someone sends me pictures from Christmas, that will count as her 22 week pictures. We forgot our camera....bad parents.


23 weeks

New Year's Day

Wright Family Christmas 2008

21 Weeks

Mikaela with Great Margaret at the Wright family Christmas.

20 weeks