Golden Gate Park

Went 4x4 adventure with the Keelings, Taylors, Charles and Sterkens. Slept in a tent on top of the truck and on the ground in a tent. The scenery was beautiful and the mountains steep.
Brian enjoyed driving the truck up the mountain and did a FANTASTIC job driving a stick with his left hand and up the side of a mountain. There were some scary places on the trail and he made it through.
We traveled to Lesotho, which is a landlocked country in SA. Beautiful mountains. Heart wrenching living conditions. Children on the side of the road begging for "sweets", probably the only English word they know.
We had lunch in a parking lot of a resort because one truck lost its brakes and the other truck would not start unless you popped the clutch while going down hill. Brian stopped in one of the towns to get brake fluid and they thought he said baking flour.
Back at camp, I forgot my surroundings and put the trash bag outside of the building and about 15 baboons found them. The other two families that were not with us for lunch in Lesotho found them at the camp and fortunately ran them away before major damage happened. But again, rookie mistake.
We also got to visit Clemens, which is a quaint little town that reminded me of Blowing Rock. They had great pizza and a microbrewery.
We will have pictures up this week I hope of the trip. Brian is leaving on Thursday to go camping with the guys in the mountains and for Easter we have a trip planned for Durban.


Mikaela playing

communication breakdown

Communication Breakdown #1:
Went through 1 of the 2 drive through restaurants here to get Brian a chicken sandwich. I pull up to the window of KFC and ask for a Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich meal. The lady looks puzzled and says they do not serve sandwiches. Now I am confused, no sandwiches? So I try again thinking I misunderstood and they simply ran out of pineapple for the Hawaiian chicken sandwich, so I try to order a Spicy Chicken sandwich. She looks even more puzzled, and said, "We are KFC, we do not have sandwiches." I reply, "What, not even plain?". I am thoroughly confused because we have had chicken sandwiches before from this very KFC. Long story short, I leave without getting a sandwich of any kind and Brian fixed his own lunch. Later found out that indeed KFC does not serve chicken sandwiches, they serve chicken BURGERS. I was supposed to order a chicken BURGER not a chicken SANDWICH!!!!

Communication Breakdown #2:
Wednesday, Mikaela's teacher tells me she has to bring a "costume and towel" on Thursday because it was their last day before going on break. So no big deal, I have a Minnie Mouse costume and a Micky Mouse towel. Talking to a friend here and tell her that I need for Mikaela to wear and costume and bring a towel to school - which she informs me that a costume is a swimsuit here. So I was about to send my poor daughter to school in a Minnie Mouse costume, instead of a swimsuit, for fun water day at her school. How is a COSTUME a SWIMSUIT?!

I learn something new everyday.......