Baby's Triplett's name

Brian and I have decided to spell our daughter's name:
Mikaela Brae Triplett

Happy Birthday

Noah and Nathan helping Aunt Mandy open her birthday gift as Sheila patiently watches. That's Brian half way in the background. I guess we should have taken a picture together, but didn't think about it.

Couch singing

The boys sat on the couch and sang the "ABC's" and "Jesus Loves Me" after finding all of the Easter eggs. They look calm here but it was brief.

Easter at the Wilson's

Barrett, Nancy, Noah and Nathan at their house posing for the Easter Bunny. Can you believe that Noah and Nathan are growing so fast?!


My Birthday Surprise

This coming Tuesday is my 31st birthday but Brian gave me my gift early. He surprised me by coming home for the weekend! He pulled it off by getting the Bakers in on the surprise and they definitely surprised me. I was at the Easter egg hunt Friday night at the Beddingfield's. Of course I was socializing with people and didn't see Brian at first, but when I did - I was shocked. It was wonderful. The next day, I had plans to go to Burlington for Easter and to celebrate my birthday with the family. Brian surprised everyone there too. I have asked Barrett to email me some pictures so I can post them, so I should have some soon. Of course Brian and I took a camera but forgot the batteries.

I want to let everyone know we are trying to figure out the best way to spell our daughter's name so I will update the blog once we make a decision.


Brian's pictures from Florida

These are a few of Brian's pictures from his job in Jacksonville, Florida. I wanted people to see what he has been doing and the magnitude of the project. He should be home by May 1st.

Brian's monorail

This is the monorail system that Brian designed. The trolley and hoist are 25 ton capacity (equal to 16 normal size cars). The said this was the easy part, the hard part is to get the beam to where the light is in the picture. I don't understand a lot of what Brian does, but I know he is good at what he does. My mind simply can not comprehend these measurements and complexities. I guess that is why he does what he does and I do do what I do. He is so smart.

Man Bucket

The bucket is how the workers get to the different levels on the jobsite. It looks like a very open elevator.

Brian too high

Brian is the guy in the orange jacket. I don't know how high up he is in this picture and I think that is a good thing. At least I can see his bright yellow harness and he assures me that he ties off and is very safe way up there so high in the sky.

Bypass Damper

These pictures are of the bypass damper that is 189,000 pounds. It has a movable "wing" inside to change the flow of air from normal operation to bypass mode. These photos are only of the bottom of the bypass damper. Hard to believe that this thing can be bigger!

Base Plate

This base plate weighs a total of 9 tons and the anchor bolts are 3" in diameter and extend 8' down into the concrete. The biggest base plate weight is 10.1 tons and is 70 grade steel. I'm sure that means something to some people that deal with work similar to Brian's, to me it is a really big expensive base plate....


Baby Triplett

I just wanted to introduce you to Michaela Brae Triplett. She is named after her Pop Pop Wilson. I know that some people want to laugh right now, knowing that Brian and I are going to raise a little girl. (Tammy and Paige - I guess I will have to get used to pink ;) ) Go ahead and laugh.
She has already shown a bit of personality. When I got Brian on the phone while we were looking at the ultrasound and I told him we were having a girl, she stuck her tongue out. Is she already mocking us? Then when the ultrasound was about to wrap up, she gave us a little wave good-bye. That is the video that is on the blog.
The due date has been moved up about 2 weeks, making it July 14th. She is currently about 1 pound and looks like she will have long legs. Wonder where she got that from???? Maybe she will play volleyball or basketball. I do look forward to the NCSU cheerleader outfit.
I guess I am getting used to the idea of a little girl. I just hope she doesn't put Brian and me through all that I put mom and dad through. I guess that is what would be justice. Until next time....

It's a......

Baby Triplett in 3D

Baby Triplett waving hello


Maternity Pictures

I have posted my maternity pictures. Wende Trew is the photographer. She is with A Timeless Image. Their website is www.atimelessimage.com. She does great work. Enjoy the pictures.


Maternity pictures taken

I had maternity pictures done yesterday with A Timeless Image photography. Wende Trew, the photographer, is a friend of mine and she printed some pictures for me to see. They are something else. I am going to post a few if she doesn't mind. I will check into the copyright stuff. If I can't put any on my blog then I will post the website.
By the way, I go for the ultrasound on March 11. Boy or Girl? We'll find out......
Regardless, the little "peanut" is active!!! of course so is his/her mama......