Mikaela's Nursery

Mikaela's nursery is done for the most part. We wanted to share what it looked like. Brian has done a wonderful job with the walls and Pam did a wonderful job with the fabric. The furniture is a gift from Brian's parents and it is great. The rocker was Brian's grandmother's, Ruth, so that is extra special and the figurines on the changing hutch were Granny Wilson's. A little bit of Mikaela's ancestry in the nursery is something that I really like. The dolls in the window seat were a gift to me from Mama, from a long time ago. She was thrilled when she had found them so I wanted to include them. The name plate above the closet door was made by Mikaela's aunt and uncle along with the help of her cousins, which is an extra special gift. The book on top of the hutch is a Mother Goose book that Tammy, Paige and Todd gave to me many many years ago for Christmas.
Thanks to everyone that has given such love to Mikaela already.

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