I've got good news

Nov. 20, 2008
Brian came home after working in
Florida all day and then driving home. He was exhausted. We were scheduled to close on the land in Lizard Lick, NC the next day and then go to Burlington to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. We were lying in bed and Brian was nearly asleep, it didn't take long, when I told him that I "was late". I could not really see his expression because it was dark, but I knew he did not understand when he asked, "for what". I explained that I thought I might be pregnant and his response, "but I just got home." I again explained that it happened before he left to go to Florida and he was just so tired. He told me to tell him again in the morning after the results of the pregnancy test. The next morning, the test was positive and we were both very excited. We closed on the land and are planning to start building in 2009.

Christmas 2008:
I went on Dec. 20
th to get an ultrasou
nd of our little Triplett "peanut". We decided to frame the picture and give that as Christmas/birthday gifts. I feel like it came as a GREAT surprise. There were many squeals of excitement, tears and hugs.

Jan. 2008
I have not had any problems wit
h morning sickness, however, the first 2 weeks of the New Year I had a sinus infection and double ear infections. I missed my trip to go see Brian in Florida.
I did have an OB appointment and the baby's heart rate was 167.

Feb. 2008
I had an OB appointment on Valentine's Day. Again the baby's heart rate was 167. Everyone at work thinks it is a girl. I don't have a clue. I have started clearing out some things so that I can work on the nursery. Pam went with me to register. I am so glad she did because I realized how unprepared I am - not to mention how clueless. We are coming to a close on the month of Feb. and I have been feeling a bit of a "flutter" in my belly occasionally. Is that baby Triplett? We go for the ultrasound on March 11th. Brian and I are trying to think of how to find out at the same time.....conference call?

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